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..and we're off!

Finally, the pictures have been taken and the products uploaded. I've swept under the table, polished everything and turned the sign on my virtual shop door to 'Open'.

This is something I've talked about for too long and it's a great feeling to have a little 'tick' put in this particular box.

I hope you enjoy may find something you like!

I'll have little bits of information and pictures now and then to keep you up to date on how work in the studio is progressing, be it spinning, weaving, stitching or any other crafty work I may get up to! 

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  • Margaret Mc Cormack on

    Thrilled for you Dorinda, always knew you would do well! Congratulations, love Aunty Margaret

  • Congratulations Dorinda!!! on

    Well done Dorinda!! Hope it goes really well for you

  • Róisín on

    under the table is spic and span! and all that’s on display is spectacular. wonderful! I’m so proud to know you. congratulations and I wish you many successes x (Sarah’s Róisín)

  • Seoirsin Moriarty on

    Congratulations Hun. Fantastic blog. Please put me on your mailing list. Xxx

  • Roisin Duffy on

    Congratulations on getting the blog up and running Dorinda – put me on your mailing list for updates.

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