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Bog, Heath and Moor

Bragan colour viewfinder heathland Monaghan moor Pride and Prejudice

It's my favourite time of my year and my favourite type of scenery. The 'wide and deep prospects and rugged scenery' (Norton Anthology of English Literature) made it the perfect setting for the some of the most famous romantic literature like Pride and Prejudice and Wuthering Heights.

I saw some of the Peak District this year and found parts of it strangely familiar and utterly enchanting. The moors were so like the Bragan Bog at home (and I had my own Mr. Darcy with me of course!) When I got home I tried to find some pictures to compare and I used a handy little app on my phone called Colour Viewfinder to compare the predominate colours.

I found a great selection of pictures of Bragan by Malcom Totten on

Here are the results!

First Bragan...............


Now Derbyshire......


Wonderful colours in each location, similar and yet so different.



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