Keeping the Dream Alive

Keeping the Dream Alive


It's such a great feeling being able to tick a box on a project and finally see it there, in front of you, at last!

I started the thinking work on this bag a long time ago but was so afraid of not being able to make it real. I had real 'imposter syndrome' on this and felt that if I tried it and didn't have the skill to bring it to fruition, I'd end up feeling more frustrated than if I just kept it as an idea!

I ended up just fiddling with some paper and a stapler to see if I could make the shape I wanted. I pinned a couple of leather handles to it to get an idea of proportions and it was at that stage i began to feel i was getting somewhere!

Once I had the basic shape , I could experiment with what would give it body and what type of handles or 'hardware' would suit it best.

Then I got straight to construction. Well, when I say stright to it, I really mean after a lot of procrastination 😊

Adding the brass finished clasp always is the most difficult part and I literally hold my breath once the glue comes out. Fabric and glue means commitment and there's no room for error. The pressure of not just being to replace a piece of handmade fabric means I have to get it right first time.

But I worked. And I did it again...

and am planning more style around this basic shape...

If I've learned anything, it's that thinking about a new project helps to plan it but it can hold you back so much if you overthink. 


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Beautiful. Well done

Mary Foley

Beautiful. Well done

Mary Foley

Hi Dorinda, this is an exquisite piece of work and I enjoyed reading about your process. Maybe imposter syndrome is strongest around the best ideas!

Sinead Lynch

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