Wind The Bobbin Up

Wind The Bobbin Up

My boys have grown up surrounded by the accoutrements of a spinner and weaver. Our home is also my studio and when they were crawling around and toddling I used to have to cordon areas off and there was lots of 'don't touch....I need that for a job' as they reached for whatever had caught their eye. As a result, anything I work at is now called 'my job'. I've tried to teach them the name of various bits and pieces and it's slowly taking shape but now and then you hear a shout from another room as one of them informs me that the other is on/beside/playing with my job.

Imagine my surprise as we sat together at the table one evening after school and the little one started singing a song he had just learned at playschool that day. It was called 'Wind the Bobbin Up'. He was especially delighted because his older brother didn't know it and I was especially delighted because he had experienced something of my world, outside, in another context.

The song apparently dates back to the 1800's when children working in mills were being taught to wind the bobbins and use the looms. It's a little eerie that it's now an action song taught to tiny tots at playschool.

Here he is in his glory Wind the Bobbin Up.


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